The Twelve days of Christmas (Day 12 – avant garde style)

tea light

Day 12 (we’re there!!)…….although, as you know well know by now, the twelve days of Christmas actually start on the 25th December.

We like the tradition (which allegedly began in the Middle Ages) of celebrating the period with continuous feasting and merrymaking! That’s the avant garde way of life!

However, as we will be closed for many of the Twelve days of Christmas, we are reinventing the period to start on December 13th. Because we can. This is day 12 – only one more sleep!

So lets sing along as follows and we will update every day until December 24th i.e. today. Altogether now….

“On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my true love sent to me Twelve Tea Light Holders, Eleven Bits of Bunting, Ten Candles Burning, Nine Gin Baubles (shop only!), Eight Jugs a Pouring, Seven Water Droppers, Six Mugs a Drinking, Five Silver Rings………Four Cuffs a linking, Three Little Birds, Two Whisky Baubles and some décor from the avant garde tree”

Never mind songs about sausage rolls, this has Christmas Number One written all over it!

While you’re singing and munching mince pies, check out our range of Christmas gifts and much, much more!

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